Private Rossiter® Sessions

The Rossiter System® is a two person pin-and stretch release technique that quickly restores connective tissue to its natural, healthy looseness. Strategic anchoring of tissue with the practitioner’s foot, while the client executes specific motions-simultaneously the entire body is in a “Locked” position, creating a tensile framework body wide-which delivers more extensive and longer lasting results. The client is fully in charge of the session, and results are generally instantaneous and profound. Eliminate tightnesses, pain and find energy in just a few sessions! Watch Shayne’s testimonial for her experience:


Introductory Rossiter Session

The first session we take extra time to understand health history thoroughly, current lifestyle and habits as well as address any concerns. There is also some extra time taken to teach the client the basics of Rossiter. By taking this extra time the Rossiter Coach is able to create a plan for each client that will lead to living a better life with more movement! Each introductory session lasts approximately 55 minutes.  $120 (expires in 30 days from purchase)

Single Rossiter Session

As a follow up from the introductory session, this can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and is based on the issue at hand. With Rossiter, more is not always best. Rossiter is so innovative and unique by stretching fascia and having the client actively participate that some clients will only need a short session each time to achieve optimum results! The coach will judge how much is needed for each client.  $95 (expires in 30 days from purchase)

Fast track to Pain relief Rossiter Package

Have an issue you want resolved and know that it will take more than one session to resolve it completely? Any pain or tightness that has plagued you for more than 6 months is considered chronic and is likely to take several sessions to eliminate and prevent its return. Rossiter is not just a resolution, it is a prevention tool! We recommend twice a week sessions for any chronic issues to ensure they are resolved completely and to keep the fascia in that open spacious position as prevention.  4 Rossiter sessions $320 (expires in 30 days from purchase)


**All sales are final, no refunds are given on unused packages or sessions purchased. 24 hour Rescheduling/Cancellation policy applies to all Private and Duet Pilates sessions. No shows, reschedules and cancellations made within the reschedule/cancellation window WILL BE CHARGED.**